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Ahhh, Kelly made me write Boot/Umbridge... if you don't get it, don't ask. lol

*takes place after the twins released the fireworks all over the place. Umbridge is looking for the culprit*

Terry was hobbling down the corridor, searching frantically for a bathroom. He felt as if he were going to whiz his pants, and he knew he didn't want Filch to yell at him about soiling the hallway floor... again. He came upon Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and decided it was good enough. He was pushing his crutch against the door to open it, when he heard a dreaded sound.

"Hem, hem."

Terry froze. He whirled around slowly on his one leg, and found himself staring at the frog-like Professor Umbridge.

"Hi!" Terry said brightly.

"Hem, hem."

Terry rocked back and forth on his foot. "Umm... come here often?"

"Hem, hem."

"Oh," Terry replied smartly. He smiled genuinely. There was a piece of radish stuck in his teeth.

Umbridge whipped out her clipboard. "That's 50 points from Ravenclaw for being an unforgivable retard."

Terry simpered gaily. "Aww shucks, you SAY that, but you don't mean it."

"Hem, hem." Umbridge pulled the clipboard close to her busom, and walked a circle around Terry, like a sort of vulture. A ball rolled by, and Blaise Zabini chased after it, wearing wings. Terry looked on with interest, and thought about chasing the ball, too. He then looked down at his one leg, and frowned. His lower lip trembled.

"Sure," Terry bemoaned, attempting to shake his chalky fist. "SURE! Sure, RAPE THE CRIPPLE OF HIS POINTS! Yeah, yeah, it's so EASY, isn't it? Hey, you forget, I'm a RAVENCLAW. That means I'M SMART. That means I... I... Oooh, pretty lights!"

A lone firwork sailed by the window, unmistakably spelling out the word POO.

Umbridge swished her rotund hips toward the distracted, giggling Ravenclaw, and placed a warty finger on his slightly mishapen shoulder. Terry gasped, and leaped back a few feet.

"Wha... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" yelped Terry, holding onto his shoulder and oggling at Umbridge like an... oggling person.

"Hem, hem," hemmed Umbridge, as she closed in on poor Terry, forcing him into the girls bathroom.

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