19th November 2003

lemoned_sakura6:50pm: Hello. First off I want to say that I don't mean nor want to upset anybody by posting something that they don't want to see and/or thinks that this shouldn't be posted in this community.
I just figured this may be something that someone may enjoy.

I posted on eBay a set for a Harry Potter Life sized Dobby statue (mint in box with no damage), a Chamber of Secrets display standee, and three Chamber of Secrets display posters. All are in mind condition and the such and were never for sale.

You can view it here: Harry Potter Display including Life-size 1/1 scale Dobby

Thank you very much for putting up with this. I apologize if you see this post more than once. ^_^

14th January 2003

undrockroll11:07pm: i found this
UMM... cupping.

wow whoever drew this is mad talented right :p

hem hem, as you were...
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1st July 2003

thespeshalone11:09pm: FANART!
Okay.. I made a RON fanart really quick in Photoshop tonite. Be jealous!


maybe more to come tonite?!?! YAY!
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27th June 2003

fiendling1:14am: that's one sexeh nose
disturbing harry/moody smut. OH BOY OH BOY OH BOYCollapse )

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jinsha_knight12:55pm: Wow, i learned a new thing today...
Captain's Log Stardate 0626.03

lmao, i finally learned how to post into the community thing...XD the FAQ is a very useful thing, indeed...o_O and i just had to announce it to all of you that i figured out how. Oo; so yes...i'll...be on my way now..

((don't mind the Catpain's Log, it's a habbit...>O; a three day old habbit. They're not going away either...blarugh...))

End Captain's Log.
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26th June 2003

undrockroll2:22am: gah
Ahhh, Kelly made me write Boot/Umbridge... if you don't get it, don't ask. lol

gross and stupidCollapse )
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undrockroll12:50am: dance your cares away and snivelly
hey yeah what up? dean's a home dawg and uhh I think everyone should read this

yeah read this shyt here, womanCollapse )
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24th June 2003

thespeshalone11:24pm: tezt.
diz iz a tezt.
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